Highway Electrical Association

Annual Conference & Exhibition

Thursday 28th October 2021 | The Celtic Manor & Resort Hotel


This is your chance to stay at the forefront and network with colleagues and key industry figures. It’s your employer’s chance to ensure you have the right tools and the latest information to make the right decisions in difficult times with the aim of delivering an effective and efficient service and improving value for money

09:30HEA AGM (HEA / HEA-HEMSA members only)
10:30Exhibition Opens and Refreshments
10:55Conference Session 1: Session Chair – Nick Woodcock, Incoming HEA President
11:00Smart Lighting in Practice – Real Time Adaptive Lighting and Beyond - Richard Webster (Suffolk Highways)
As part of the Smart Lighting Concepts EU funded project, we have installed a number of traffic radars that are enabling adaptation of lighting levels that has led to energy and financial savings; both of which have been realised. A different approach was made to stakeholder communications in that we did not tell anyone as we wanted to see whether the public would notice the changes. In addition there were challenges along the way such as adaption of lighting levels when roads were heavily congested, as radars do not differentiate this.
11:30Dark Skies or Safer Streets – Clare Thomas (Urbis Schréder)
It’s clear that the lighting industry needs to take a lead in providing solutions that both respect the environment and protect our dark skies, but how do we balance this with the differing requirements of the people who use those spaces? Whilst we focus on ‘numbers’ and provide schemes that meet the standards and minimise ecological impact does this result in spaces that may not be inclusive by design?
And how can we deliver engaging places and spaces that people love to be in?
This paper explores how technology can help support a more holistic approach that meets both needs.
11:55Managing the Supply Chain Together – Gareth Pritchard, HEA Interim CEO
The HEA Statement on supply chain issues, published in June 2021 as a result of an initiative from Bob Gaskell, has been well received. This presentation sets out to explain the global and national issues affecting the supply chain and what steps can be taken to mitigate this. The presentation content reflects a revised and updated HEA and HEA-HEMSA Statement which can be used in any discussions around the issues facing not just the highway electrical sector, but most other industries too. The presentation includes an open forum question and answer session with some of the HEA / HEA-HEMSA steering group members representing designers, manufacturers and contractors
Questions will be taken after each paper
12:30Buffet Lunch
13:55Conference Session 2: Session Chair Glen Warner Incoming HEA Vice President
14:00 Unlock the power of light as a disinfectant –Mike Simpson (Signify)
Everyone around the world is currently working hard to help keep people safe by introducing new ways of disinfection. Building on over 40 years of experience, see how UV-C lighting inactivates bacteria and viruses on surfaces, objects, and even in the air. It’s fast, versatile, and effective: all bacteria and viruses tested to date are neutralized by UV-C disinfection including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Understand the necessity of UV-C technology within public spaces and see how it can be easily implemented as part of a disinfection strategy.
14:30Optimising Smart Data to Drive Carbon Reduction and greater Wellbeing within your Local Authority – Patrick Mitchell (Mayflower – SSE Energy Solutions)
Accurate and informative data plays an increasing role in the design, delivery and transformation of public services. It improves outcomes and drives efficiencies within current financial constraints. But more data than ever is available to inform digital tools and services, so it’s critical to capture it with confidence to get valuable and significant insights into user needs and your local challenges.
This presentation will show you how you can open up this data, securely share it and get better use of it to:
- design compliant services around user needs
- engage and empower citizens to build their local communities with you
- drive efficiencies and public service transformation
- promote economic and social growth through the innovative use of data
15:00Questions Session 2
15:15Exhibition Hall for Refreshments

For more information about the upcoming HEA Annual Conference and Exhibition please contact us by contact@thehea.org.uk or call the HEA on: +44 (0)1903 705140